Leave the boundaries of the Infor LN database with BfIA-JDBC. It's a binding of a subset of the JDBC API into the 4GL development environment (Tools) of Infor LN.

With this piece of software added to your LN system, you can access other databases straight from an Infor 4GL program:

Read data from any JDBC compatible database

Write data into any JDBC compatible database

Execute stored procedures in such a database

Use Cases

  • Directly read from and write to interface tables of subsystems. 

  • Get data from third party systems to print on Infor LN reports.
  • During migrations, pull the data directly from the database of the legacy system or compare the data migrated to LN with the original source.

  • Compare the data of two different LN systems, for example test and production system or systems from two locations.

  • Trigger processing tasks in other databases directly from LN jobs.


BfIA-JDBC allows you to access a JDBC driver from within an Infor LN program. It binds a subset of this Java-world software module into the LN environment, and calls the java code using the Java Virtual Machine Integration feature built into Infor LN. With this binding, you can

  • Establish a Connection to any JDBC compatible database

  • Create Statements and PreparedStatements

  • Send a Query to the database, get a Resultset back

  • Iterate over the records of the Resultset

  • Retreive the column values from a Resultset's current record (for the basic types: String, Double, Long, Date).

  • Send executable commands to the database: This allows data records to be inserted and changed in the database; tables, views, indexes, etc. can be created.

  • Call Stored Procedures in the database


BfiA-JDBC is available for LN installations with Enterprise Server 10.5.1 and higher, but not in cloud environments. We currently support Oracle, MSSQL-Server, mySQL-Server and PostgreSQL database drivers. If you need another JDBC driver supported, please get in contact with us, and we will build that into the standard software package.

Note: The drivers itself are not distributed with BfIA-JDBC, you have to download them from the respective database vendors sites.

About Us

The JDBC binding into Infor 4GL is a product of

Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Fuchs

Büro für Informationsarchitekturen

Widumestraße 18

44787 Bochum, Germany

We're a solopreneur business helping customers with Infor / Baan ERP systems since more than 20 years. We're doing consultancy, project management and software development.  With this product we provide a standard way of deploying a  functionality to Infor LN systems, which many our customers deeply missed in their practical work. We're proud to put an end to this pain now!

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